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Text Post Mon, Jan. 16, 2012 27 notes

Insomnia got my mind running WILD

It probably really wouldn’t matter to me much if the world ended tomorrow because at least I know that I have been home with my fam the last month or 2 and i’ve gotten my makeup certification which is something that in my eyes is definitely worth my time , although I’m not proud to say I haven’t been in school but I really don’t give a fuck anymore. People are judgmental regardless. I’m still making plans for my future just not the way some people wanted me to . High school diploma or not i’m still going to wake up as Celeste tomorrow same me just a better out look on life . God didn’t put me here to please others I’m here to fulfill a purpose I still might be vague on what it is exactly but when the time comes I will know . So who are they to tell me otherwise ?

On another note I heard my stepdad walk through the door this morning and I jumped out of bed with a quickness